If you're looking for a present to buy your girlfriend, it goes without saying that you can't find her a more luxurious or thoughtful present than a gorgeous pair of earrings.

It's pretty much the least risky present you could give her, unless you want to literally buy her a book or a pair of socks.... 

However, one of the best things about giving someone a present is giving them something that they wouldn't necessarily go and buy for themselves.

The most exciting types of presents are thoughtful, luxurious "extras" and not necessities. If she needs a new book to read or a new pair of socks...the chances of her eventually buying them for herself anyway is extremely high....!

As for clothing - well - that's just risky. If you're able to get that right, you're one of the exceptions in life!

So lets get to the point. Without further ado... the 3 hot tips to finding the right pair of earrings.

1. Size IS Important

Some girls wear big earrings and some girls are a little more reserved when it comes to jewellery. So, step one is to observe what size earrings she generally wears and how often she wears them. If she wears earrings regularly, the chances of her wearing small earrings for daytime and larger ones for the evening/special occasions is very likely.

If she never wears jewellery, except for when she goes out or on special occasions, then she probably will only wear more understated small pieces.

It comes down to how understated or overstated she is in the way she dresses and what type of jewellery she wears. If you've only ever seen her in jewellery that is relatively small, your best bet is to give her a beautiful pair of studs or our classic drop earrings. 

2. Silver or Gold?

The fundamental thing you need to know is, silver or gold? Does she wear any gold jewellery or does she wear silver? If you're not sure, just ask her if she would prefer silver gold cufflinks on you....! 

We have, of course, catered for both! These are the ultimate favourites and usually the first pair of earrings our customers buy from us. You can of course go for colourful pairs, but, silver or gold jewellery is unbeatable as it goes with pretty much anything!

Gold Pear Drop Swarovski Earrings


Crystal Pear Drop Swarovski Earrings


In our experience, the classic drops (above) are the best pair to give to someone. They're a classic design and can be worn with pretty much anything.

If she's a little more understated and you haven't seen her wear any dangling "drop" earrings before, our Swarovski Pear Studs are a stunning alternative option. 

Gold Swarovski Pear Studs


Crystal Swarovski Pear Studs


(Click Here for the Pear Studs in different colours)

3. Choosing The Style

To be clear - the two styles above in both crystal and gold are the main staple pairs of earrings that we would recommend for any/every girl. They are the most frequently bought pairs by both men and women and are undoubtedly a very safe and beautiful choice.

Choose the pear studs if she's understated and the classic drops if she's a bit more glamorous. 

However, if you want something even more classic/small, you simply cannot go wrong with our stud earrings - the classic studs are pretty much the perfect pair of earrings for every girl.

If your girlfriend likes to be more overstated, they will be her daytime pair of earrings. If your girlfriend is the complete opposite and is more understated, these will be the earrings she wears when she goes out for dinner or to a party! They are perfect for every occasion.

Add Romance

And lets say you want to spoil her with two pairs... or just add a bit more romance...these are two gorgeous options. Girls love romance. Even if they don't always admit it.  


And if that's just a bit too cheesy for you... turn to the colour of love.


Questions? Still need help? 

If this hasn't helped you enough, or you still have some questions, just let us know. Contact here by clicking here and ask us your questions. If you're not sure what pair is the right pair, describe her to us and we will help you choose!

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November 14, 2020 — Araminta Landale