Taking care of your Swarovski jewellery is very easy.

Cleaning the Swarovski crystals in your jewellery takes very little time keeps them looking beautiful and bright so you can experience the full impact of your jewellery when you wear it.

What You Will Need:

  • Soft Bristle Toothbrush
  • Liquid soap 
  • Hair Dryer (If you want to dry your jewellery quickly!)

How to Clean Your Swarovski Jewellery:

Apply the liquid soap to the damp toothbrush - you will only need a little soap, use the brush gently to clean the Swarovski jewellery and make sure to clean under underneath as well as this were it usually needs to be cleaned the most.

Then rinse the soapy jewellery really well under cold water until it is completely free of soap.

Then, you can either gently dry your jewellery using a soft cloth or you can lay out your jewellery on the cloth and let it air dry - just don't put your Swarovski Jewellery away until it is completely dry. 

Or, you can use a hair dryer on the cold / medium temperature setting to dry your Swarovski Jewellery quickly and then you can put it away after you feel the jewellery is dry and ready to be put away. 

How To Store your Swarovski Crystal Jewellery:

The last thing you want is for your beautiful Swarovski Jewellery to get damaged. 

This is why we recommend keeping your Swarovski Crystal Jewellery separate from other pieces of jewellery, you can store it in its own bag to prevent scratches or tangles or, you can use a jewellery "tray organiser" this is very convenient to use and also keeps your jewellery draw looking smart and neat whilst making it easy to see all your jewellery in once place.


All our jewellery is handcrafted with genuine Swarovski Crystals set to the ornate and classic designs we have made available on our website.

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November 01, 2020 — Araminta Landale