Araminta Landale


The roots of Araminta Landale began several years ago, when the three of us were going to a charity dinner dance in London, and had no appropriate jewellery to wear.

We started searching for an alternative to the classic jewellery on the market. This resulted in us working with beautifully skilled designers and handicraftsman, to create the jewellery you now see here on the website. 

Beautifully handmade Swarovski crystals, designed into lustrous necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches. A wide range of pieces for day-to-night, evening wear, and dinner-dance evenings, and special occasions.  

Whether it's one of the beautiful stud earrings; which we regularly wear day to day, to glitz up our everyday clothing, or a striking necklace to go with that little black dressall of these pieces were specifically chosen and designed, to suit each and every need, all of which originated with our own desire for beautiful jewellery.

Our mission with Araminta Landale, is to make beautiful luxurious jewellery available to friends, family and other women; just like us, who are looking for something glamorous, but different - for any and all occasions.

We are three sisters; Olivia, Rosanna and Sasha, whom have a passion for creating beautiful things - and work together on multiple businesses - we look forward to sharing more about this business and ourselves, via the blog!