If Swarovski is more or less a glass crystal, then why is Swarovski crystal more valuable than glass jewellery?

This is because of the production process required to create cut glass vs crystals.

Compared to other glass jewellery products, Swarovski uses higher quality materials.

The process of creating even one crystal is also complicated.

Keep in mind, in order to be considered high quality, the crystals need to have a hundred identical facets in several directions, which takes time with a hard material and high refraction index. 

Each direction of the reflected light must first be calculated by computer, then this has to be simulated in 3D, optimised and finally converted into control programs for complex machinery.

The composition of these gems is as follows: sand, quartz, and other minerals. Yet, no one knows what these exact proportions are.

This has remained a company secret for centuries. What isn't a secret is that Swarovski’s heritage and dedication to its craft have helped to transform the way people can sparkle all around the world.

One key technique in identifying an imitation crystal is the presence of bubbles.

Although imitators will often try to convince customers that bubbles may often appear in these jewels, an authentic Swarovski crystal will have no bubbles in the jewel

All our jewellery is handcrafted with genuine Swarovski Crystals set to the ornate and classic designs we have made available on our website.

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November 26, 2020 — Araminta Landale