Our most recent bubble bath photo shoot was inspired by the likes of the glamorous Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe.

They were recognised as world renowned film and fashion icons of the 20th century - both of whom need very little introduction!


Portraits of Audrey Hepburn

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe from the The Seven Year Itch Film.

Araminta Landale's Bubble Bath Photoshoot

We absolutely love these fabulous, glamorous chic icons and their sensational bubbly photographs, so here is our take with a little more sparkle wearing Araminta Landale jewellery.


The Earrings Featured in the Bubble Bath.



The Necklace Featured in the Bubble Bath.

One of our statement necklaces the "Olivia" Necklace is one we absolutely love to add to an outfit when we want to make a big impression with an abundance of sparkle.


All our jewellery is handcrafted with genuine Swarovski Crystals set to the ornate and classic designs we have made available on our website.

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- Araminta Landale

February 18, 2021 — Araminta Landale